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Visit Orders and Scheduling

HomecareNet’s comprehensive scheduling feature allows you to automatically schedule visits based on orders and match patient needs to staff qualifications and availability. Update or modify visits with the click of a button.

HomecareNet’s Visit Orders and Scheduling modules allow you to capture physician’s orders for visits and manage the schedules of visits against those orders. These modules were designed to accommodate the needs of all home care organizations that visit patients, including Medicare Certified, private duty, and hospice agencies; home infusion providers; and respiratory therapy operations.

Certifications and Episodes
Every home health patient that is admitted is automatically assigned a certification period in HomecareNet. Cert periods are used for validating visit orders and driving the effective dates of approved visits, 485s and PPS episodes. Every visit order corresponds to a cert period or is marked as an interim order (an addendum to the orders in a 485).

Visit Order Management
Visit orders define the frequency and duration of visits and are HomecareNet’s referencepoints for scheduling: Every visit you schedule will be checked to make sure it is covered by an order.You even have the ability to schedule all visits for an order at once. HomecareNet tracks precisely how many visits are ordered for each week and summarizes the total number of regular and PRN visits within the order.

If an order is added that appears to supercede an existing order, HomecareNet will ask if you wish to designate it as an Interim Order and print a document for the physician’s signature.

Powerful Scheduling Features
HomecareNet allows you to see a calendar view of all staff schedules and rearrange them by dragging and dropping visits.

Visits can be scheduled one-at-a-time or through the duration of the order. HomecareNet allows you to assign specific staff to visits or leave them unassigned. Visits can also be assigned specific times or just designated as AM or PM. The system generates warnings about authorizations, orders, staff licenses, mismatches between patient preferences and staff characteristics, or overlapping visits.

Once scheduled, visits can be updated one at a time or en masse. Cancelled visits can be tracked by reason. Once visits have occured, HomecareNet’s Time Sheet Batch feature allows you to easily send charges for those visits to billing. You can search scheduled visits by staff or by date and quickly confirm that they occurred and override times or enter supplies, mileage and expenses. When the Batch is sent to billing, HomecareNet also creates episode charges for new PPS episodes.

Point of Care Integration
The scheduling process is even more efficient if you use the HomecareNet Mobile module, as visits are confirmed automatically as clinicians complete visits and supervisors review them. Every visit scheduled in the system immediately becomes available to the clinician using a mobile device as soon as the device is synced to HomecareNet.

An Enterprise Solution
HomecareNet is designed to support the sophisticated requirements of the changing home care industry. Our robust solution saves your organization staff time and costs by integrating the visit orders and scheduling modules with billing and reporting.

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Call us at (800) 738-8850 to find out about HomecareNet’s fully integrated solutions for home infusion, HME and home healthcare, specialty pharmacy and hospice providers.


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