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Inquire on the history of claims by patient, payer, or other criteriaReceivables
HomecareNet’s receivables and collections functionality gives the flexibility and power needed for today’s home care industry. Payments—full or partial—are easily applied to multiple claims and balances can be transferred to secondary payers with the click of button.

HomecareNet is a powerful tool for recording payments, adjusting and transferring claims and collecting funds. With HomecareNet’s robust A/R tracking features, reimbursement staff can focus on getting paid for work that has been done.

Applying Payments
When payments come in, they are recorded in HomecareNet in a Receivables Batch, which corresponds to a single day’s bank deposit. You can even import payments from an electronic remittance (835). Payments are easily applied to outstanding claims and partial payments can be applied as well. HomecareNet also allows you to apply payments to individual line items on a claim if an EOB supplies that level of detail.

Adjustments & Transfers
You can record adjustments andtransfers for balances during the process of applying payments, or as separate transactions. The list of adjustment coMake adjustments or transfer balances as you apply cash or separately, using adjustment codes and reasons that you define.des and reasons are user-defined and readily available for reporting. In addition, HomecareNet tracks which secondary claims need to be produced as you transfer balances.

Collections Tools
In A/R Inquiry, you can focus collections efforts by querying for open claims by patient or by payer. These detailed inquiries allow you to see a history of all transactions for every claim, reprint claims, capture detailed collection notes with follow-up dates, and record messages to print on patient statements. You can also establish rules that define which accounts are assigned to each collector, and run reports by collector. In addition, patient record flags alert intake staff of patients who have past-due balances, avoiding future collections issues.

Financial Controls
HomecareNet’s accounting periods define the financial calendar for an organization. Each financial transaction in inventory, billing, and receivables is associated with an accounting period, providing consistent and accurate month-end reporting of all transactions processed within a period. Accounting periods may correspond directly to a calendar year or to an alternate fiscal year. Up to two periods may be open at once. When a period is closed, no further activity can be posted to it, ensuring financial reports for that period will never change.

General Ledger
HomecareNet captures General Ledger (G/L) journal transactions each time a financial transaction occurs. You define the debit and credit accounts, which can vary by site, payer or service. Transactions can be exported into any third-party accounting software package, including Great Plains, Lawson, and SAP.

An Enterprise Solution
HomecareNet is designed to support the sophisticated requirements of home care. Payments for all products and services are applied with the same easy steps. HomecareNet’s robust reporting gives management the tools needed to spot trends and focus energy on collections with the highest value.

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Call us at (800) 738-8850 to find out about HomecareNet’s fully integrated solutions for home infusion, HME and home healthcare, specialty pharmacy and hospice providers.


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