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HomecareNet Mobile Advantages
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Patient Records
HomecareNet’s patient records are the backbone of the most comprehensive home care software in the industry. From intake to reimbursement, HomecareNet’s patient data provides the tools you need to keep your enterprise running efficiently.

Healthcare Automation knows that patient information is the most important data to any home care enterprise, so HomecareNet features the most detailed patient records functionality in the business. Flexible and customizable patient screens make everything from initial intake to dual-billing reimbursement easy and intuitive.

Define categories of service for each patient to accurately manage your census, accurately apply contract pricing, and accurately measure revenue.Robust Patient Records
HomecareNet captures everything from the most basic demographics to detailed clinical and financial information for each patient. You can search for patients by name, patient ID, status, date of birth and site. Multiple patient records can be opened at once. Patient ID fields are customizable: staff can assign them, based on company policy or the system can automatically generate sequential IDs. Fully HIPAA ready, HomecareNet allows management to set security levels to define who has access to view or modify patient data.

Case History
Developed for today’s home care industry, HomecareNet allows for an unlimited number of cases or episodes of care for each patient. Detailed information is collected about the source of the referral, service location, and physician information. Each time a patient is discharged and re-admitted, a new case is opened, which is connected to the same patient ID. A full history of each case is always accessible.

Diagnoses and surgical procedures are recorded and ranked, with ICD-9 codes updated annually from the CMS database. HomecareNet captures detailed clinical data, including height/weight, history and allergies and supplements them with progress notes. A robust tool allows you to create comprehensive interdisciplinary plans. Integration with SHP’s service allows you to easily benchmark and report on your outcomes.

Using MediSpan data, screen drugs against one another and against allergies and medical conditions.Medication Profiles
Clinicians in the office or using HomecareNet Mobile field devices can capture detailed information on the dosage and administration of each drug. Using MediSpan data, you can screen drugs against one another and against allergies and medical conditions. Reconcile medications among your departments and with other providers.

Workflow Integration
HomecareNet’s Workflow Manager enables easy and efficient communication among team members, including those connected through mobile devices in the field. Rules can be set up to generate communications automatically based on important events, such as a patient referral, adverse event, or updates to a medication profile.

Payers and Authorizations
In today’s complex healthcare market, mastering payer requirements is key to success. HomecareNet’s strong reimbursement features allow for multiple payers and split billing. Different rules can be set up for each payer, including authorization requirements, documents needed and claim formats. A report notifies you when re-verifications or authorizations are due.

HomecareNet also records authorization details, including limits on refills, visits, units or dollars allowed. The system constantly tracks these limits and provides warnings when they are met.

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