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HomecareNet has significant advantages for home care providers in a function-by-function comparison between vendors. The advantages below are considerable considerations in choosing a software vendor that is the best long term choice for you:

1. HomecareNet technology is built for multiple sites and will NOT need to be replaced for many years.

Using older technology has limitations and hampers your ability to increase productivity, care for your patients and maximize profitability and value. HomecareNet is built using the latest technology, JAVA and SQL Server, versus competitive products that are built using old X-Base technology that will need to be re-written.

HomecareNet is built with multiple sites in mind, taking into account: corporate standards; limited visibility between branches; the ability to run reports using true Output Servers (so reporting does not overtax the servers as with old technology); and the ability to deploy network capabilities WITHOUT being forced to use Citrix.

2. HomecareNet has Accounting and Data Integrity.

HomecareNet is built to adhere to the highest standards of accounting and data integrity, a critical element of any company that is growing, has investors or has public owners. No one likes surprises - especially investors. HomecareNet provides true accounting periods, enforces strict rules by preventing the deletion of booked revenue (so your financial statements don’t change after the books are closed) and collects debits and credits to provide an accurate picture of accounting and activity every day. Business Intelligence reporting reflects the benefits of this integrity, providing ad-hoc desktop intelligence to report patient census, revenues and costs and business information sorted and categorized as needed. Additionally, HomecareNet’s SQL database has referential integrity (records can’t just be deleted) and is designed to provide flexibility, growth and accurate reporting across the organization.

3. HomecareNet provides True Automation.

HomecareNet requires more extensive setup during implementation so that the day-to-day functions of patient referrals, pharmacy order entry/processing and reimbursement is more automatic. With pharmacy templates, order entry is quick and increases productivity dramatically. With comprehensive price contracts, claims are produced automatically. HomecareNet increases productivity and efficiency and does not require manual intervention in every step in the process every time an order is processed or a bill is generated.

HomecareNet Mobile extends this real automation to the field, where patients are visited, medications are reconciled, care is provided and documentation is key. This automation increases patient safety, visits and billable services while reducing the cost of communication with the pharmacy and caregivers.

4. HomecareNet is NOT for Cookie Cutters.

Mediware treats you with care and services your needs as an individual customer. HomecareNet appeals to those companies that require a competitive advantage, seek maximum automation and see the value in better patient care, growth and sophistication.

5. Best Reimbursement Features.

HomecareNet reimbursement software is far and away the best home infusion billing software, HME billing software and home health billing software on the market. It maximizes productivity and effectiveness with key features including:


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