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HomecareNet On Demand offers the functionality of HomecareNet in a hosted environment without the cost and hassle of servers, all for a low monthly fee.Get the powerful business tools of HomecareNet at a very low monthly cost! HomecareNet On Demand offers the functionality of HomecareNet's robust home infusion software, HME software, and home health software in a hosted environment without the cost and hassle of servers, all for a low monthly fee!

Mediware has brought the powerful functionality of HomecareNet to your desktop with HomecareNet On Demand. This is a hosted solution for startups, small enterprises, or organizations that wish to avoid the capital investment usually required to set up servers and manage hardware and databases. HomecareNet On Demand keeps your costs low by charging one monthly fee for the full power of HomecareNet!

Hosted Solution
HomecareNet On Demand is a hosted solution, freeing your organization from the costs and hassles of hosting software in-house. Your organization doesn’t have to purchase expensive hardware, invest in additional employees for backups and system maintenance, or worry about applying updates to the software. HomecareNet On Demand is an ideal solution for the startup or small enterprise, allowing employees to focus on patient care, rather than managing technology.

Rapid Deployment
HomecareNet On Demand was developed to get you and your employees up and running as quickly as possible. You can begin filling orders, scheduling visits and billing right away. Mediware provides pre-loaded master files and training to get you started within 30-60 days and allows you to customize that data as needed.

Online Training
Mediware has years of experience in the home care industry and our training sessions and materials reflect that. We complement on-site training with online training targeted at specific topics. Initial training includes intake, pharmacy and/or scheduling, payer setup and billing, plus advanced training sessions are offered to get your employees using HomecareNet to the maximum benefit of your enterprise. And you can attend refresher courses online free!

You Own the Data
With HomecareNet On Demand, all patient, staff and payer data belongs to you. Mediware hosts the database, but your organization owns the data. We even publish our data dictionary, providing a map of all data and enabling you to access it for reporting purposes.

Data Security
HomecareNet On Demand is a fully HIPAA-ready solution for your enterprise. The hosted database is located in a state-of-the-art data center with advanced security systems and servers with built-in redundancy, maximizing uptime for your organization. Your data is automatically backed up on a regular basis. In addition, your staff is required to log in to the system in order to access patient records — securing your data in the office as well.

An Enterprise Solution
HomecareNet On Demand is flexible and designed to expand as your business grows. You can add users and business lines without any additional investment in technology or manpower. Additionally, if your business grows to a level where you would prefer to host your database in house, you can transfer your data to your location and the standard version of HomecareNet without a learning curve for your clinical and reimbursement staff.

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Call us at (800) 738-8850 to find out about HomecareNet’s fully integrated solutions for home infusion, HME and home healthcare, specialty pharmacy and hospice providers.


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