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HomecareNet Mobile

HomecareNet Mobile PDA Developed specifically for home care, HomecareNet Mobile, HAI’s point-of-care solution, offers a flexible and efficient tool for home visits. Nurses can record clinical notes, collect medication information and communicate immediately with other office staff. HomecareNet Mobile extends HomecareNet home infusion software, HME software, and home health software where the patients are - in the home!

HomecareNet Mobile solves the key problem in caring for home care patients—communication with the home office. HomecareNet Mobile offers the ability to automate home visits with outstanding flexibility and ease-of-use at an affordable price. You can use either hand-held Windows Mobile devices or laptops to extend the functionality of HomecareNet into the field, capturing and delivering patient data.

Automatic Medication Reconciliation
HomecareNet Mobile Laptop A user can synchronize HomecareNet Mobile to exchange data with HomecareNet, providing immediate visit information to the home office. Pharmacists no longer need to listen to long voicemails in order to reconcile medications — medications are automatically reconciled in the system. Data entered into HomecareNet Mobile never has to be entered into the system again. This not only reduces data-input errors and improves patient safety, but it also saves time for field and office staff. Time savings directly correlates to money savings for your organization.

Immediate Communication
With HomecareNet and HomecareNet Mobile, pharmacists receive medication information and office staff receive visit notes as soon as visits occur, speeding up the billing process and dramatically improving clinical procedures. After a nurse syncs, office users can review and print notes, review medications, and run reports. Data uploaded from HomecareNet Mobile enters the work queue of appropriate staff members through HomecareNet’s comprehensive Workflow Manager. While this occurs, the infusion nurse receives immediate updates of any new visit on their schedule and office staff can return visits to infusion nurses to correct missing data.

Streamline Clinical Home Care Visits
HomecareNet Mobile allows users to record visit data, follow a detailed plan of treatment, record medications and perform DUR screening, and send data directly to HomecareNet. Numerous assessment screens are available to automate your existing assessment process, or improve it. Clinical data is validated, and the system prompts the nurse to complete any missing data for each clinical module.

Cut Costs
Mediware selected Windows Mobile devices and touch-screen laptops with the home care enterprise in mind. Clinicians appreciate the small size, as they eliminate barriers between nurses and patients. Windows Mobile devices and laptops are easily replaced when removed from service and don’t require complex maintenance. Clinicians can recharge their devices in their cars between visits and synchronize data quickly with the office system. The intuitive nature of the interface allows for substantially less training for clinicians learning the HomecareNet Mobile module, which translates to greater acceptance by staff.


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