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Home Infusion Software

HomecareNet’s fully integrated pharmacy order functionality gives clinical staff the necessary tools to accurately and efficiently fill and refill orders and ensure patient safety. Integration with inventory and reimbursement features keeps the whole organization working smoothly.

Easy Order Entry
Managing pharmacy orders is easier than ever with HomecareNet. Prescription, supply and HME orders are all entered into the same system and pulled together onto a single delivery slip.

HomecareNet utilizes standard templates that allow you to instantly fill a prescription and ancillary prescriptions, supplies and equipment all at once.  Orders can be entered with or without a wizard that leads you step-by-step through the process. To expedite order entry, you can assign label instructions and compounding instructions using pre-defined notes phrases.  HomecareNet can even fill in prescription-specific values such as the amount of reconstitution fluid needed.

Technician-entered prescriptions can be put into a “review” state, allowing pharmacists to easily search for Rxs that require review. A comprehensive TPN calculator allows you to specify TPN volume and other key measures for use in calculating the TPN and printing labels. HomecareNet also allows you to send detailed information to TPN compounders.

Automated Home Infusion billing Software
Comprehensive per diem charge rules and contract pricing all but completely eliminate the need for charges intervention by either clinical or billing staff. Contracts can be modified at the patient level. Documentation and authorization requirements are assigned at the payer plan level to alert staff of potential denials. Claims are configurable to meet payer requirements. NCPDP claims can be transmitted before you send products out the door. The charge edit report alerts billers to gaps in per diem charges, inconsistent cost vs. receivable amounts, and many other concerns inherent to home infusion billing. HomecareNet is the most comprehensive home infusion billing software on the market.

Drugs are imported into HomecareNet via the reliable and comprehensive MediSpan drug database. Lot# tracking can be invoked at the item level. HomecareNet allows you to enter lot numbers for inventory as it is received and dispensed or just when dispensed. Reconstitution fluids can be assigned to the primary drug component to automate the Order’s compounding instructions. HomecareNet smoothly handles Factor products whose assay varies by lot#. HomecareNet supports built-in Purchase Orders and also the exporting of EDI 850. There are dozens of standard inventory reports, including inventory count sheets, recalled materials report, and usage reports.

Configured Labels
Pharmacy staff can produce multiple labels for a prescription, plus create other important pharmacy documentation. HomecareNet is the only system that gives you complete control over the customization of label formats.

HomecareNet checks for authorizations before an order is filled. If authorizations are missing or exceeded, you are warned or prevented from continuing—depending on payer-specific settings that ensure warnings are meaningful.

Medication Profile
HomecareNet allows quick access to patient and clinical information without leaving the Order Entry screen. The system also automatically updates the medication profile with all Rxs dispensed, plus enables you to record other medications a patient is taking. When medications are added or updated, a notification is automatically added to the pharmacist’s Workflow Manager. HomecareNet also incorporates comprehensive Drug Utilization Review checking and patient education monographs from MediSpan.

Valuable Reporting
Robust reporting allows you to evaluate prescriptions filled over a certain timeframe and/or for a certain drug. HomecareNet also generates electronic controlled-substance reports and submits them to Atlantic Associates.

An Enterprise Solution
HomecareNet was developed with the multi-site, multiple-business-line organization in mind. Orders are all entered into the same system and prescriptions, supplies and HME orders are all delivered under a single delivery slip, making the process easier for employees and patients.


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Call us at (800) 738-8850 to find out about HomecareNet’s fully integrated solutions for home infusion, HME and home healthcare, specialty pharmacy and hospice providers.


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