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HomecareNet Mobile - Integrated Point of CareHomecareNet coupled with HomecareNet Mobile offer a comprehensive solution for home health and hospice enterprises. From scheduling to detailed reporting, HomecareNet has the ability to manage the unique complexities of hospice and homecare for organizations that want complete home health software.

Managing patients and staff is easier than ever with HomecareNet's integrated functionality. From the initial referral to tracking revenue, HomecareNet offers extensive solutions to keep your organization running smoothly and efficiently. HomecareNet provides complete back office functionality of patient entry/485 and POT managing schedules with easy drag and drop/med profile tools. The timesheet component allows accurate capture of timely data and billing features in compliance with the latest regulatory requirements and robust nature allows for adaptation to changing regulations. The POC solution collects comprehensive OASIA data and clinical components for home health and provides specific Hospice notes geared toward all disciplines including licensed staff, volunteers and pastoral services.

Patient Records
HomecareNet puts information about patients at your fingertips. Diagnoses, medications and progress notes are all captured for use by nurses, schedulers, billers and management. Staff preferences and scheduling information are captured for each patient. Customized warnings and alerts notify users about missing orders, authorizations, or signatures.

HomecareNet’s scheduling feature allows you to best meet the needs of your patients and staff. Recurring visits are scheduled based on physician orders and unfulfilled orders can be easily identified. Patient needs are matched to staff qualifications, to allow for the best use of organization resources. Calendar views allow you to quickly assess staff availability by day, week or month.

HomecareNet also offers unique tools for hospices. Hospice Notice of Election forms are easily generated and tracked. You can capture the history of a patient’s hospice status for billing purposes and track bereavement activities for hospice patients and their families.

Integrated Point of Care
HomecareNet Mobile offers outstanding flexibility and ease-of-use at an affordable price with the ability to automate all disciplines. Laptops or hand-held Windows Mobile devices extend the functionality of HomecareNet into the field. They capture and deliver patient data (including OASIS and 485 assessments) and field clinicians can remotely sync to the HomecareNet database via a broadband or wireless connection, expediting the return of documentation to the office. Error-checking functionality is built in to the application, ensuring that staff collects all necessary data. HomecareNet Mobile is home health software for the home health organization on the go.

Billing & Receivables
HomecareNet’s billing and accounts receivable modules masterfully manage the spectrum of payers from Medicare PPS to commercial to self pay. UB04, CMS 1500 and 837 electronic claims can be customized for different payers. Both negotiated contracts and Medicare/Medicaid rates are automated, ensuring every claim is billed and booked at the right price.

Business Intelligence Tools
HomecareNet allows you to turn volumes of collected data into meaningful information that helps you manage your business. Track data and report on patients, admission trends, staff productivity, costs and revenue. Use interactive online tools to create custom views and manipulate data.

An Enterprise Solution
HomecareNet is flexible and expands as your business grows. Configuration options allow HomecareNet to be used for a single site or for multiple sites and business lines. Configure the application to support all certified, private duty and hospice services in a seamless business operation.

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Call us at (800) 738-8850 to find out about HomecareNet’s fully integrated solutions for home infusion, HME and home healthcare, specialty pharmacy and hospice providers.


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