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HME Software

Home Medical Equipment Software
Automate your HME documentation, tracking and billing processes with HomecareNet! Comprehensive HME software tools ensure accurate records of the history of each piece of equipment and free billing staff from manual tracking of recurring rental charges.

From ordering inventory to producing Medicare-specific documents to comprehensive reporting, HomecareNet provides the functionality your enterprise needs to manage HME.

Define Inventory
Sophisticated definitions enable your HME organization to better manage inventory. All equipment is categorized by type, documenting maintenance cycles and vendors from whom equipment is purchased. Specific serial numbers are further documented in the item list, collecting maintenance due dates and a comprehensive history of the item, including patient assignment, pickup, cleaning, maintenance and sale to a patient.

HME Order Flexibility
HomecareNet’s HME software functionality is flexible, allowing you to perform tasks according to your organization’s workflow. A specific HME item may be assigned to a patient when an order is placed or warehouse staff can add a serial number when the order is filled, or before or after delivery. Plus, orders and pickups can be combined on a delivery slip with pharmacy and supply orders.

Easy Maintenance & Swaps
HomecareNet’s asset-tracking functionality makes maintaining and swapping equipment a breeze. Maintenance due dates are based on defined maintenance cycles and drive a preventative maintenance report. When an item in use by a patient needs to be replaced or maintained, HomecareNet allows you to exchange the item. The swap does not impact the billing cycle, so recurring rental charges and progress toward a cap continue without interruption.

HME Purchase Orders
HomecareNet’s Purchase Order module supports ordering and receipt of equipment. Purchase orders may be printed, faxed or submitted electronically to leading medical suppliers using a standard X12 format. Receipts can be recorded via a bar code scanner; entered by exception; or on a line-by-line basis. When you receive several items of the same type, you can enter the lowest serial number and HomecareNet will automatically generate the remaining serial numbers.

HME Document Management
HomecareNet can help your organization manage documents required by Medicare, such as 10-month letters and certificates of medical necessity. Documents are easily created—and responses quickly scanned—in HomecareNet and can be tracked throughout the life cycle, to ensure proper follow up and accurate status change history.

Sophisticated HME Billing Tools
Billing codes and modifiers are defined up front; HomecareNet auto-assigns them on claims based on a patient’s rental status. In addition, HomecareNet automatically generates charges for patients making up-front purchases; recurring charges for patients renting equipment up to the time service ceases, a convert-to-sale cutoff is met, or the cap is met; and regular maintenance of equipment that can be charged to Medicare. HomecareNet is the complete HME billing software package.

An Enterprise Solution
HomecareNet was developed with the multi-site, multiple-business-line organization in mind. Sophisticated reports allow staff and management to view equipment history, equipment maintenance activity, patients with HME items assigned and a list of recalled materials with addresses and bin locations for recalled drugs, supplies or oxygen.

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Call us at (800) 738-8850 to find out about HomecareNet’s fully integrated solutions for home infusion, HME and home healthcare, specialty pharmacy and hospice providers.


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