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Preparing for the HomecareNet Conversion
Thinking of converting to HomecareNet? Mediware has built a conversion utility that will transfer your data from one system to the other. Whether the conversion is in your immediate future or a few months off, there is a lot you can do to prepare in advance.

As our current customers move to the new system, we've collected techniques and documents that can help make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible. See sample preparation and planning documents to help you get a head start as you plan to make the switch.

Please use the links below to find the information you require:

Overview of the conversion process (PDF): This document outlines the major milestones of the conversion process in chronological order
Overview of the IVS Conversion Utility (PPT): This PPT shows screen captures of the conversion utility with notes on how to prepare for it.
New terminology in HomecareNet (PPT): Many of the terms in HomecareNet and the I.V. Solution are the same. Here are a few that have changed.
Standard project plan (PDF): The major milestones and tasks laid out in a generic project plan. The durations listed in this plan are estimates and have varied drastically, based on the resources dedicated to the project.
Payer setup planning worksheet (XLS): Payers will convert from the I.V. Solution, but there is additional setup that you'll do in HomecareNet after the conversion. This sample spreadsheet is an important tool for helping you collect the information you'll need for the setup tasks.
Per diem planning worksheet (DOC): Compiling the per diems you bill for and their procedure codes will help you set up perdiems in HomecareNet quickly and easily. You'll want to create a list like this for each payer that has different per diem requirements.

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Call us at (800) 738-8850 to find out about HomecareNet’s fully integrated solutions for home infusion, HME and home healthcare, specialty pharmacy and hospice providers.


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