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Save Time with Point-of-Care Software
What is one of the biggest challenges to homecare companies? If you struggle with time management, you're not alone. "Recording the data from homecare visits takes up a huge chunk of any nurse's time," says Ken Pereira, CEO of Healthcare Automation, Inc. (HAI). "The same goes for any other specialist or clinician who visits patients. That's why HomecareNet Mobile is such a strong tool for the homecare industry."

HAI has developed HomecareNet Mobile, a point-of-care software system that offers outstanding flexibility, ease-of-use, and portability at an affordable price. Designed for use on Windows Mobile devices, HomecareNet Mobile is the top choice for documenting in-home care.

Lightweight and portable, the HomecareNet Mobile system offers a cost effective, yet powerful solution for improving documentation practices, reducing recording time, and gaining timeliness of review; thus improving quality of service.

The point of care software operates using Windows Mobile devices and is integrated with HomecareNet, HAI's Windows-based operations and financial software for home care and hospice agencies, as well as home infusion and HME companies.

"We chose HomecareNet Mobile because we knew we could get a lot more nurses out there with a PDA product," says Ann Malinowski, Director of Information Systems at Advocate Health Care. Advocate serves eight Chicago area hospitals with five remote sites and 85 nurses. "The devices are lightweight and easier to use than laptops or tablets, so our nurses could be more mobile."

Since going live, Malinowski has been pleased with HomecareNet Mobile and the support of the Healthcare Automation staff. "The success of any clinical documentation system is how the nurses embrace it. We developed labs where the nurses train and that has helped the adoption of the system," she says. "What we liked most about HomecareNet Mobile was the incredible cooperation we've received from the Healthcare Automation staff. The flexibility of the system has allowed us to make it the product we wanted. And we've really appreciated the support we've gotten along the way."

Clinicians of any discipline use the HomecareNet Mobile software and the Windows Mobile device to record OASIS and assessment data, clinical notes, medications, and other key information during a visit at the patient's home. Admissions and clinical data flows between HAI's HomecareNet system and the HomecareNet Mobile system seamlessly, allowing administrative staff to exchange critical information with clinicians in the field. A clinician's schedule is maintained and synchronized between the office and the clinician's device through a direct or wireless connection; completed visits become available for immediate billing.

HomecareNet Mobile has been developed for scalability and ease of upgrade, allowing easy expandability to support additional devices, additional Viewer components for review of assessments by clinical managers, and additional Hosts to accept synchronization requests from field staff.

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