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Frequently Asked Questions

Point-of-Care Frequently Asked Questions
HomecareNet offers a point-of-care system, HomecareNet Mobile (HcNM), which utilizes a laptop or PDA platform to provide for collection of home visit documentation. HcNM allows any discipline to record assessment data, clinical notes, medication information, OASIS, POT/485 components and other key information during a visit to a patient's home, office or clinic setting.

The HomecareNet Mobile system consists of three components: the Host (server/synchronization), the PDA and/or laptop (field clinician) and the Viewer (office/workstation):

  1. The Host communicates with the device in the field via standard or wireless technology, polling each device for new or revised data and updating the Host database. The Host then checks the database for information not yet downloaded to the device and transmits this information, as well as any new messages. The Host is designed to be accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and to perform synchronizations (syncs) automatically.
  2. HomecareNet Mobile's device component is a Windows Mobile application, enabling you to record and access patient data using a mouse, keyboard and stylus-based interface. You can capture data such as visit length, activities performed, patient status interventions and teaching related to high tech infusion, Med-surg, OASIS and HCFA 485 data. In addition, physician orders are recorded and an electronic signature from the patient and clinician is collected.
  3. The Viewer component is a Windows-based product installed on a PC that is integrated with HomecareNet. It provides access to the Host database for clinical supervisors to view and comment on clinical data documented by the staff, produce reports, and monitor documents generated in HcNM devices.

Following are some frequently asked questions about HomecareNet Mobile technology and use:

Windows Mobile Devices

Will I be able to document infusion nursing interventions rather than traditional certified nursing interventions? Can the documentation be customized to accommodate my documentation needs?
HcNM provides a distinctive focus on infusion nursing and has developed a catalog of modules specifically designed by infusion nurses for infusion documentation. HomecareNet Mobile has a unique forms design development tool that allows the customization of forms. This tool also allows you to design special sections to be added to a plan of treatment form for physician orders. Visit our website at http://www.healthcare-automation.com/faq/HomecareNet_Mobile_modules.pdf.

Will I have one med profile between pharmacy and nurses?
Yes. As the RPh enters the Rx orders the medication profile is populated and the nursing staff will have access to the med profile on the device in HcNM. In turn, as the nurse enters OTC drugs or prescriptions dispensed by retail pharmacies into the med profile, all meds will present on one profile. This allows both the nurse and/or pharmacist to perform a DUR screening once medications are entered.

Will I be able to review the patient’s orders and meds/allergies for all the patients?
Yes. HcNM has a patient profile feature that provides the clinician with important data on the patient. This profile includes current medications, PARs/Allergies, ICD-9 codes, surgical procedures and physician orders. In addition the clinician will have all the demographic information, directions to the home, physician contact information, Insurance name and policy number.

Will I be able to document infusion medication administration?
Yes. HcNM has a medication administration infusion module allowing the nurse to document all the clinical interventions performed during the infusion as well as the clinical findings and the patient’s response to the procedure. Additional, any teaching conducted with patient or caregiver is captured in the infusion teaching module.

Will I be able to document traditional certified nursing and OASIS items? Does your system offer a solution for Hospice organizations?
Both certified home health clinicians and hospice providers may use HcNM. The HAI offering includes all the OASIS forms, plus Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Medical Social Work, Psych Nursing and HHA forms. For the Hospice organization all of these notes are available plus nursing documentation focused on hospice care. Hospice documentation for pastoral and volunteer notes is available too.

How much training time should I plan on for each nurse before they are able to independently use the software in the patient's home?
The typical training is scheduled for 5 half-day sessions at the end of which, the clinicians are ready to use HcNM in a live environment. HAI recommends a maximum of 5 participants for the morning session and 5 for the afternoon sessions. This allows the patient care to go on without disruption and provides the clinician the opportunity to practice on the data collected on visits conducted during the week of training. During this training week, the HcNM trainer encourages feedback from the clinicians and provides quality review of the documentation and tips on managing the device protocols during a visit.

What kinds of devices are available for use with the HomecareNet Mobile system? May I use a laptop or PDA?
Either one or both are possible options depending on your business needs and budget. PDAs are an excellent choice where just HcNM functionality is required. Laptops without a touch screen are an economical choice and Laptops with touch screen are a good choice when signature capture is necessary. Laptops offer additional versatility and functionality allowing clinicians' access to HcN and other MS office tools.

What kind of devices do you recommend?
HomecareNet Mobile can run on many Windows Mobile devices, provided they run Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher. PDAs need to have at least 128MB of memory and 128MB or more of program ram and a 400MHz processor (or faster). Laptops need to run Windows XP, with 2 Gig or more of ram, 2.0 ghz or faster processor speed, Core2 Duo or better and 120 gb hard drive. For a list of recommended devices, see HAI's list of recommended Windows Mobile devices.

How much data can a Windows Mobile device store? Can it store an entire patient database so that someone on call can access any patient?
The newest devices have at least 128MB of memory and can hold a large amount of patient-related data. This may be best illustrated by a current client that has a group of devices that hold and receive updates on a patient population of more than 100 patients, which includes general patient information as well as the medication profile for all of the patients (roughly 10,000 medication records). An on-call staff can be configured to receive all patients on a temporary basis or, if needed, can be set to receive all patients on every sync. HcNM offers a configuration tool to assign patients by service or team so that each clinician will have a specific relevant group of patients on the device.


What options are available for clinicians to send data from HcN on their devices to the HomecareNet system in the office?
There are several options available. You can directly connect via a laptop to a HcN workstation. Clinicians can sync in the office or from home. Other connections involve use of a virtual private network along with one of three options: a PC with broadband connectivity, a wireless modem, or a WiFi connection. See our HomecareNet Mobile connectivity options.

At what rate is data transmitted between host and the device? With a WiFi connection? Modem line?
Modem line: 56k modem will deliver roughly 35-45k depending on connection. Wireless: 3G rates published are in the 40-60k range. May be lower at times. Wireless: 3G rates published are in the 40-60k range. WiFi: Roughly in the 1.5MB range


How does HomecareNet Mobile security work? What protects the data if a nurse loses a device?
The application can only be accessed by a PIN assigned by the system administration. Additional information is detailed in the HomecareNet Mobile security documentation.

Data Flow

How does data flow between the Host and device?
Once the device is installed, configured, authorized to start, it then has the basic data elements with which to create an encounter visit, e. g. staff, patient and form templates. The nurse creates the encounter visit and then syncs:

  1. The device connects and is authenticated
  2. The new and changed data is retrieved from device and evaluated for completeness. If incomplete (e.g. lost connection), the sync is ended and the data remains the same as it was prior to the attempted sync.
  3. HomecareNet Mobile data is processed into the server database
  4. The Host pulls current data from the database based on staff rights (new or changed patients and updated staff schedules)
  5. The Host sends (downloads) data from previous step to the device
  6. The sync process ends. The Host processes and writes an error log and sync log history.


How is the HomecareNet Mobile product licensed?
Licensing - and thus pricing - is based on the total number of devices that will be in use. If staff share a device, that device is counted only once.

For each five devices you license, one user license for the Viewer is automatically included. For each fifteen devices you license, one Sync Host license is automatically included.

Is a HomecareNet Mobile user counted as an HomecareNet user for the purpose of counting licensed HomecareNet users?
No. Most clinicians who use HomecareNet Mobile will not need access to HomecareNet, so you need not count those users when determining how many concurrent users to license for HomecareNet.


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Call us at (800) 738-8850 or email sales@healthcare-automation.com to find out about HomecareNet’s fully integrated solutions for home infusion, HME and home healthcare, specialty pharmacy and hospice providers.


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