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Document Management
HomecareNetís robust document management features scan, define and track the documents necessary to your business, ensuring that all paperwork is signed and submitted. Users are warned about missing documents as they schedule or bill for services.

HomecareNet can track the status of all documents that you produce; scan and store all documents; and provide tools to easily locate documents that require follow-up. HomecareNet system warnings alert users to document requirements during the order entry, scheduling and billing processes.

Comprehensive Document Creation
Creating the documents necessary for your business is simple in HomecareNet. Documents such as CMNs, DIFs, 485s, interim orders, medical necessity forms, and prescription forms are produced as part of the normal workflow in HomecareNet. For each type of document, define which activities you want HomecareNet to track, based on the organization’s workflow. HomecareNet also allows you to create custom forms and then track actions associated with those documents. Documents can be printed, faxed or saved as PDFs, allowing staff flexibility in delivering them to recipients.

Document Scanning
HomecareNet utilizes the power of WebScan PRO, a feature-rich document management solution. Simply scan a batch of documents (signed CMNs, EOBs, employment documents, patient satisfaction surveys, etc.) into a network folder and WebScan automatically detects the new batch and uploads it to your account on a secure server. Once uploaded, WebScan’s powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine identifies, indexes and files the documents for your immediate online retrieval.

Defining Workflow
With HomecareNet, you are in complete control of your organization’s workflow. You can define the workflow process for each document. Internal reviewers, physicians or others who will sign, and response due dates are all defined within the system, allowing you to manage and monitor the process flow.

Tracking Document Progress
HomecareNet can track any document, whether or not it is created in the system. All activities are logged, including when a document is reviewed, mailed, or signed. HomecareNet also allows you to keep notes and reminders about documents that need follow-up. For example, HomecareNet can show all active documents for a given physician that are not signed and allow you to quickly re-print or re-fax them.

Managing Documents
The Document Tracking screen allows searches for documents that need renewal, need signatures or are assigned to a specific doctor, and outstanding documents can be printed en masse for quick follow up. Document Tracking is linked to other modules of the system so that HomecareNet can automatically track as well. For example, HomecareNet can alert billers when a claim is generated and a required document is missing, expired or unsigned.

Detailed Reporting
Document reports identify documents that are expiring, need signature, or need other follow-up.

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Call us at (800) 738-8850 to find out about HomecareNet’s fully integrated solutions for home infusion, HME and home healthcare, specialty pharmacy and hospice providers.


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